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They enjoyed their Huahine... private!

private Huahine honeymoon beach testimonial

"Thank you Janou!

for a fabulous day spent with you and for making us discover so many amazing places on your beautiful island.

From the mountain tops to the turquoise lagoon, and through tropical forests, plus the wonderful welcome of your Polynesian friends, you gave us more than we ever expected!!"

(Package: full day, 2 sport-addicts on honeymoon. Wishes: both islands, walk to spectacular view and beautiful beach, sacred sites, local life, castaway & traditional meal prepared together)

=Heart black.png

Thank you all !!

"If you're looking for a guide who deeply cares about providing a personalized tour (what you want to see, not what a guide wants to show you) then Janou is your guide. She discusses the site options, sets time and cost expectations and off you go!!"   Cathy & Cosette

"Great tour - definitely the highlight of the trip. And you can quote me on that!

We stepped off the Windstar not sure what we were going to do. We walked right into Janou and are so happy we did. We spent four hours with her and it was the best excursion we did the entire trip. Her English is impeccable as is her French. She took us to her favorite spots, answered a million questions, stopped for fresh coconut water on the side of the road, and more. We just drove and drove and jumped in and out of the car to see amazing sites and colors. High recommend you book her in advance so you don't lose out!

Do let us know if you ever make it to Texas..." Dayna & Charlie,, Rock Star Success Speaker | Your Daily Success Tip

(Package: hour rate (4h), 4 friends on cruise ship Windspirit. Wishes: total impro! Let Huahine surprise us… )

private Huahine cruise ship testimonial
Huhahine private cruise ship anniversary testimonial

"Thanks again for making our 30th anniversary so memorable!!! 

You are a wonderful host and we really enjoyed spending so much time with you. I feel we are now all good friends, especially after you invited us to your home and we met your dogs!!

If we are ever in the south pacific again, we will certainly drop by and stay – perhaps you will be in your new guest house by then!!  If your travels ever take you through Toronto, let us know and we can show you around our city (no charge). We’ll also make sure we recommend your island tour to any of our friends who might be visiting French Polynesia.

Thanks again Janou  !!!! ….. Roger and Theresa"

(Package: 1/2 day, 2p on cruise ship Paul Gauguin, celebrating their "Pearl Anniversary". Wishes: Fare the village, spectacular views with car, Maeva & marae sacred sites, stone fish traps, on the reef, vanilla, black pearl farm. beach.

"One of our highlights was definitely the tour of Huahine island with Janou.

Our blond guide gave us a warm welcome at the dock with tiare flower leis. She first took us to meet a local personality, Ulla, who showed us around her beautiful garden and told us about the flora, fauna and her family's extraordinary story.

Then on to our hike in the South of the island, that was well worth every drop of sweat: the view from up there is absolutely grandiose !

And then she had a surprise for us: a delicious local lunch served on a superb private beach, swimming in that blue lagoon was so nice! We continued our tour heading back North, passing through this luxuriant vegetation that makes the natural beauty of this island.

With Janou's knowledge, we learned a lot about the land and its inhabitants.

A great "maururu roa" to Janou, it was a great day !"

(Package: full day, 4p on charter catamaran. Choices: marae sacred sites, ancient fish traps, tropical garden, walk to spectacular view, secluded beach + surprise us. Including lunch: picnic prepared for you.)

Private Huahine view walk testimonial
private Huahine pearl farm limited mobility

Janou !

We just can't thank you enough for all the trouble you have gone through for us!

Doug is still raving about the super time we had with you in Huahine and the Heiva. You have become our new best friend! Thank you so very much!

And also for all the trouble you went through to find my forgetful husband's prescription sunglasses at our hotel and have them on the plane to Bora for us. Thank you from the bottom of our heart.

Love, Ann and Doug

Package: Full day, 2p, airport pickup & hotel drop-off (only 1 day here). Wishes: let the island surprise us! improvise along the way+ lunch.

Janou gave us a warm welcome in Huahine. She offered us a more authentic approach of this superb island. Janou was really committed to fulfill our wishes and made up a super original discovery program just for us.

She took us to isolated beaches and breathtaking views, that are not found in any travel guide. Meeting a friend of hers in a hidden bay with a coral garden is unforgettable. Our children got to help prepare the coconut bread baked on the fire. I still dream of this delicious coconut bread to this day ! We thank you dear Janou for sharing your treasures with us !!!

(Package: full day + half-day + accommodation booking, family of 5 on a round the world trip. Wishes:  Marae sacred sites, walk to spectacular views and dream beaches, snorkeling, including lunch: preparing our traditional meal together)

Huahine private family authentic treasures testimonial
Huahie private couple adventure testimonial

"Traveling is like expanding your garden: you're out to discover the world, and eventually you return to your own land, enriched with a new adventure. But then there are individuals, like Janou, who literally changed gardens, and hers is magnificent.

For us, it all started with the movie "The Prince of the Pacific", that inspired us to choose a destination on the other side of the planet, the island of Huahine. And Janou just happened to live there: she invited us to discover her garden. In days that still linger in our memories, we went to the very places where the movie was shot.

And that was only the beginning of our enchanting visit. We felt privileged to share the daily life of the islanders, enjoyed unique encounters with new faces, and left the beaten path to discover spots unknown to the traditional tourist tours.

We had no expectations and just let ourselves be guided on this adventure – it remains one of the best memories of our Polynesian voyage."

(Package: full day + half-day, 2 p, here to make a dream come true. Choices: walk to spectacular view and secluded beach, tropical garden, local life, lunch: "poisson cru" our traditional recipe, and surprise us) 

Dear Janou,

We wanted to thank you again for the day we spent together with you. It was really exceptional and will remain as one of the unforgettable experiences of our voyage.

We really appreciated your love for the island and also your natural kindness. Don't change anything!

Package: full day, 2 on honeymoon. Wishes: nature, local crops, marae, sacred sites, fish traps, walk in the forest, breathtaking views, pearl farm, castaway experience + lunch picnic prepared for you"

Huahine-private pear farm honeymoon

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Huahine-private catamaran family charter sailboat round-the-world

A great thank you to you, Janou, for our customized island tour.

We really enjoyed all the visits, taking all the time we wanted, discovering all these places off the beaten track and meeting adorable locals. One of the best experiences of our Polynesian voyage and it's thanks to our super guide and her knowledge of the island.

Package: 2 x half-day, a family of 4 on their catamaran. Wishes: marae, sacred sites, ancient fish traps, forest walk, spectacular views, local life)

Janou sunset.png

I'm sorry if you don't appear here... I'd really like to see you ALL on this site - but space is limited.

Your feedback and recommendations are as important to me as any other, and invaluable sources of gratitude & motivation to keep going!  

Maururu, thank you.

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