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ia orana !

One of my great pleasures here on Huahine is to treat visitors - the privileged few who are lucky enough to see their Polynesian dream come true - to a very special discovery tour of our amazing island.


More than any other I've visited here (Marquesas, Tuamotu, Society) and around the world (many!), Huahine island seduced me with an invitation to lay down the suitcase a few years ago. I haven't stopped exploring it since, and it still has great surprises in stock for me...

I look forward to sharing my discoveries and "coups de cœur" with you!

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Born in Germany, I grew up in by Lake Geneva in Switzerland, and in the USA (=English/French/German). Traveling came naturally, I answered the call of the wild at a very young age… The unknown, all those other lives, the colors, the flavors, the marvels just waiting to be discovered! I saw the world as a fantastic treasure chest - and still do. I set foot on all continents, saw extraordinary places, explored, met, learned, shared, (survived a few:) thrilling adventures and saw many dreams come true.


Of course my career had me traveling too. By 25, I was managing a multinational department spread across Europe, and it just kept going from there. I left that world behind as Management Consultant - to create the first Polynesian bar-restaurant in Switzerland. In the meantime, I had managed a lodge in Costa Rica, and opened a B&B in Alaska. Always on the move.

Years of juggling (countless) demanding jobs and wild travels are a fabulous school of life, with no finish line. Again, time had come to raise the anchor, leave that world behind, and set off for new adventures. This time they took me to the South Seas, and here I am.

My bare feet love the simple life, and the thermometer showing a very positive figure. I give yoga and aquagym classes (there is no better pool than the lagoon!) and keep exploring on long walks with my dogs. I invest time and imagination on "nature & kids" projects with the local children, and offer these tailed-made exclusive island tours - off the beaten path.


Today, I'm more than happy to leave corporate organization, shareholder demands and business hours to the next generation. None of it can compete with the attraction of nature's artistic performances and our awesome planet's amazing treasures.

I feel infinitely lucky to be living this part of my life in the South Seas

- to have discovered Huahine -

and to meet so many marvelous people.

Following a group was never my cup of tea as you may have guessed, but I do appreciate what a thoughtful guide can do especially when my time is limited. Precisely, this "private à la carte" service was missing here on Huahine.

We are all unique, so are our dreams and expectations... no wonder each of my tours is different, and that's how I like it.

I look forward to welcoming you in Huahine!

My Polynesian experience:

> from Moorea to Maupiti: I took 3 months and my mountain bike (you couldn't rent back then) to explore the 7 Society islands, and the "fenua" got to me

​> took the Aranui cargo-passenger ship to visit the Marquesas

​> spent a month on Tikehau (Tuamotu) with a Hobie Cat for an article in a French magazine "Voile Mag"​ 100th edition

> vacation on different islands, staying in the whole range of accommodation, from 5* hotels to local B&Bs

​> worked on assignment (new bar: cocktail menu + staff training) at the White Sands Hotel in Fakarava/Tuamotu

> lived 6 months on Moorea: an island I love and recommend​

​> living on Huahine now since 2014

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